Sunday Platform - Jé Hooper - This is America: The Land of Disillusion

Sunday, August 19, 2018 - 11:00am
Ceremonial Hall - 4th floor

Childish Gambino, a musical hip-hop artist, produced a video entitled “This is America.” It became a music video that took the airwaves by storm with controversial topics such as economic disenfranchisement, gun-violence, and civil terrorism. Jé Hooper will examine the black philosophical aesthetic and performativity of “This is America.” Let us seek out new ways to become unified ethical prophetic voices with critical vision that offers new insight to healing our nation for all people.

THE REVOLUTIONARY JÉ HOOPER is founder of Frequency House Productions, soon to present in New York, “Humanitas: conscious coloring of Kindness,” a feature film, in which Felix Adler, the founder and philosopher of the Ethical Culture Movement; and W.E.B. DuBois, author of “The Souls of Black Folk” and activist-scholar; are re-imagined in a histo-contemporary retrospective.

Jé is a Ph.D Interdisciplinary Arts candidate at Ohio University. His work promotes the intersections of art, justice, and religious ethics in efforts to obtain social equity. As member of the clergy, he engages congregations in trans-linguisticism, performative preaching, and affect theory involving onomatopoeic communication. He is best known for his recent works, “Moving Upon the Face of the Deep,” featuring Dr. Cornel West, “The Black Sacred Communion,” and his latest, a collaboration with his life partner, Storäe Michele, “The Listening Heart.”

Presider: Anne Klaeysen

Shared Charity - Humanias: Conscious Coloring of Kindness