Sunday Platform - Amanda Poppei: Courage for the Resistance...and the Relationships

Sunday, July 8, 2018 - 11:00am
Ceremonial Hall - 4th floor

Many of us are engaged in social justice work or political action, seeking to change the recent direction of our country. How do we maintain hope and build up our courage for that work? And, at the same time, how do we stay true to our Ethical Culture principles? Join Amanda as she explores the idea of courage with real examples, and a little bit of humor.

AMANDA POPPEI is in her 10th year as Senior Leader at the Washington Ethical Society. A Unitarian Universalist minister as well as an Ethical Culture Leader, Amanda is Vice-President of the UU Humanist Association and co-founder of the Humanist Clergy Collaboratory.

This week’s shared charity is the Fourth Universal Society/Sanctuary Program. In March 2018, the church welcomed Aura Hernandez and her two children, Camila and Daniel, into sanctuary. Fearing a forced return to Guatemala, where her life would be in significant danger and she would be separated from her family, Aura is fighting to secure a stay of deportation, have her immigration case reopened, and secure a U-Visa.

Presider: Joe Fashing

Shared Charity: Fouth Universal Society/Sanctuary Program