Sunday Meeting - Joe Chuman: Rights, Duties, and The Search for The Common Good

Sunday, May 14, 2017 - 11:00am
Ceremonial Hall - 4th floor

with Leader Dr. Joe Chuman

Where are our moral heroes? Where are the voices that speak to truth to power? We live in an age of radical individualism and self-promotion that reaches a feverish pitch. If we are for ourselves only, what are we?

Are ethics to be found in such an orientation? Yes, defense of individual rights is essential, but individualism ends in the atomization of individual persons, and a sundering of the human bond, which enriches life and on which we all depend.

I will look at the tension between rights — as vested in the individual, and responsibilities that requires us to see ourselves within an encompassing web of social relations, and that make moral demands on us.

This week's shared charity: Moms Demand Action