Resolution on Iran

Adopted Unanimously by NYSEC Board, December 3, 2007

Whereas, the United States Constitution and international law prohibit acts of war without specific Congressional and United Nations approval;

Therefore, absent these authorizations, the New York Society for Ethical Culture opposes military action by the United States against Iran; and

Instead, urges bi-lateral and multi-lateral negotiations without preconditions in order to resolve all matters of dispute between Iran and the United States, thereby forestalling unnecessary death and suffering.


Even if Iran succeeds in acquiring nuclear weapons it is not likely that it would risk its own survival by using them against the U.S., Israel or our other allies.

Reese Ehrick in his book, The Iran Agenda, Zbigniew Brezinski and several other Middle-East experts, authors and reporters have noted that: (1) The Iranian people are far from united behind the Shia clerics who rule the country, nor are they united behind President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad; (2) Many Iranians would like to improve relations with the U.S; (3) An attack by the U.S. would greatly increase support for the Ayatollahs and the president; and (4) As a consequence, Iran would be in a stronger position to undermine the U.S. in many of our the Middle-East conflicts and endeavors.

Finally, the Iranians were helpful in this country’s armed conflict with the Taliban. Their leaders have sent signals that they would be more helpful in other Middle-East conflicts if the U.S. renounces unprovoked, illegal, unjustified, and unethical military action against them.

“When we take up the morning newspaper, we constantly read of new aggressions, new acts of international violence—the hydra of imperialism puts forth new heads whenever a single one has been cut off.” –Felix Adler, 1924