Membership Responsibilities

Once you become a member, we encourage you to get involved in the life of the organization.  The New York Society for Ethical Culture is our community and members nurture, sustain, and support it. 

Learn, Engage, Participate
As a member, you can spend time at the Society, learning more about our philosophy by attending courses like "The Foundations of Ethical Culture"; attending Sunday programs and other events during the week and taking advantage of all the Society has to offer.
Share Your Skills and Interests
You may want to volunteer on committees and projects; work at co-sponsored events, manning the NYSEC information table, ushering or collecting donations; or propose programs and ethical actions for the Society to get involved in.
Annual Pledge Commitment
Members are asked to make and fulfill a financial pledge each year, in order to maintain membership. Member pledges sustain the people, facilities, and programs of the Society.  
We understand that each member gives as generously as possible based on their circumstances and financial ability.  Pledges are accepted by check, credit card or through gifts of stock, and can be made in a lump sum or in installments throughout the year.
Membership pledges are tax-deductible.