Items of Interest


Ed Sheeran performed at Ethical for the wonderful PBS series The Artists Den. This will be aired in July and August.


Leader Anne Klaeysen testified on behalf of a living wage for fast food workers.  Read More

We applaud the Supreme Court decisions made on June 26, 2013!



On June 19 we honored Maria Fridman and the volunteers for our Homeless Shelter .View More

We partner with OsborneNY to offer televisitation. Sesame Street creates first Muppet to have a parent in jail. Read More

On June 6, we had a very important Advocacy Program on human sex trafficking. It was an excellent panel on a very troubling situation. View Video
Leader Anne Klaeysen participated in this overnight vigil in City Hall Park  Read More


Member Abe Markman has an article in this months Ethical Action Report from the AEU. Read More

Leader Joseph Chuman testified on behalf of the Bergen Society and the Bergen Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence Watch Now  ( Joe's testimony begins about 57.20 into the tape)

April 2013

Leader Curt Collier coordinated a trip to Fire Island to participate in Hurricane Sandy restoration. Read More

Ed Sheeran performed at NYSEC on April 13th for the Artists Den. This will be aired this Summer with an
interview with Leader Anne Klaeysen and a great tribute to our beautiful building. Stay tuned.  Read More

The Innocence Project visited NYSEC with Raymond Santana. View Here

The Open House was a great success! See what kinds of things the children will be doing in this 8 week session starting April 7th.  View Here

March 2013

Leader Anne Klaeysen reflects on the moral tragedy that took place in Steubenville, Ohio Read More

On February 18 Leader Curt Collier hosted a special program on Environmental and Agricultural Science careers for young adults.   Read More

February 2013

In honor of Black History Month we would like to share this wonderful essay from our member Abe Markman,recipient of the New York Society for Ethical Culture 2010 Community Service Award. Read More

January 2013

Leader Anne Klaeysen is quoted in NY Times article about Humanism in times of crisis. Read More

Anne responds to the article above with this letter to the editor. Read More

Great New Years Eve Party thanks to our wonderful Social Service Board. See More

December 2012

Leaders Anne Klaeysen and Joe Chuman reflect on the terrible tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14th. Read More

Leader Anne Klaeysen was interviewed by a reporter about the ethical issues surrounding the terrible subway incident on Dec 3. Read

November 2012

On November 28, NYSEC participated with the Lincoln Center Winter's Eve. Children were helped to create Books of Deeds to give as gifts to their parents. See More

Irshad Manji received the Ethical Humanist Award See More

Ten Members of the Washington Ethical Society were given $100 each, with orders to give it away.  Read More

Dr. Joe Chuman interviewed philosopher Massimo Pigliucci about his latest book Answers For Aristotle. View

Leader Curt Collier reflects on his personal reaction to the presidential election. Read More

October 2012

Message from Leader Anne Klaeysen- To Life-" L'Chaim" Read More

September 2012

Dr. Joe Chuman reflects on the Romney-Ryan worldview. (these opinions are those of Dr. Chuman; the New York Society for Ethical Culture does not endorse candidates)  Read More

Message from Leader Anne Klaeysen - Living in a Land of Inequality  Read More

August 2012

A short video addressing economics and the Occupy Wall Street movement including mention of our panel discussion this year. Watch Now

July 2012

Leader Anne Klaeysen represented NYSEC at this rally in solidarity with low wage workers and is chair of the Ethics Committee of the Clergy Campaign.More

Dr. Joe Chuman hosted a panel on the role of Charter Schools. Watch Now

June 2012

Friends and Family met on Sunday to remember Barbara Levensen.  Read More

Dr Anne Klaeysen Testifies at Women's Forum on Domestic Violence More

In Loving Memory of Robert Collier 1931-2012 More

Leader Joe Chuman reflects on Human Rights Read More

May 2012

Leader Anne Klaeysen participated on a panel discussing campaign finance reform. Read More

Advocacy Forum- The Resurgence of Misogyny View Here

Members Patrick Arenas and Tod Whitaker wedding pictures. See More

Leader Joe Chuman comments on Ross Douthat's "Bad Religion" in the NY Times Read More

Leader Anne Klaeysen at the Women's Rally in April Read More

April 2012

Economics and Occupy Wall Street  Watch Video

Aricle on Fracking and event at NYSEC Read More

Anne Klaeysen on Room for Debate

Joe Chuman on Their Atheism and Mine Read More

March 2012

I am Trayvon Martin Read More

Leader Joe Chuman on the latest Healthcare controversy Read More

Leader Anne Klaeysen weighs in on the status of women in 2012 Read More

February 2012

Leader Curt Collier weighs in on the current health care fiascoRead More

2011 Global Peace Games- in which our soccer teams, LaLigua, participated, supported by a NYSEC and SSB grants and your contributions

January 2012

Leader Curt Collier reflects on our National Park System as we look towards the 100th Anniversary of America's "best idea" in 2016. Read More.

Social Service Board Going Strong in 2012!

September 2011

Members visit Stony Point for the annual membership retreat