Exploring Ethical Dilemmas In: Religion--From Theology to Congregations w/ Leader Dr. Anne Klaeysen

Monday, March 4, 2019 -
6:30pm to 8:00pm
Elliott Library (507)
Members FREE; Guests $5

What does one do when there’s no clearly defined ethical road to take? This program features speakers from a variety of backgrounds — medicine, law, business, science, education, the arts, social work, etc. — who share their experience and knowledge of ethical issues in those fields. Monthly, 1st Monday.

Are religions ethical? What kind of ethics (if any) do religions teach? What makes a particular theology ethical - or not? How are theologies interpreted in congregations? What core values hold congregations together? What role does a clergy leader play? What are the responsibilities of a congregation towards its clergy and of clergy to the congregation? We'll explore these and other questions with someone who grew up in a Catholic congregation, raised her children in the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture, and has served the Long Island and New York Societies as clergy leader.

Anne holds a Doctor of Ministry degree in pastoral care and counseling from Hebrew Union College and is the Humanist Chaplain at New York University and Columbia University.