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August, 2017

Monday August 14, 2017

From our friends at Food and Water Watch: Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans are attempting to slash the Environmental Protection Agency budget, threatening its ability to protect our water, air and climate. We invite you to join us this Tuesday, August 15 for a call-in day to Senator Schumer, urging him to defend the EPA.

Monday August 14, 2017

From our friends at 350NYC: New York State is creating a "Master Plan for Offshore Wind". They are coming to New York City to share information and get our input on the plan at three events and we want to show up in large numbers at all of them.

Sunday August 13, 2017

If you are watching the news coverage in Charlottesville, VA, where the mayor has announced a state of emergency, then also take time to visit the Equal Justice Initiative's website on Lynching in America, and learn more about white supremacist violence.

July, 2017

Friday July 21, 2017

Ethical NYC Leader Richard Koral will be a guest on WBAI Radio's City Watch tomorrow, Saturday, July 22 at 10:00am!

UPDATE: Click here to listen to the interview (MP3).

Wednesday July 19, 2017

Join three pioneers of mindfulness meditation for a one-time only sharing of their interwoven contributions to its spread in the West. They will delve into the birth of the movement, where it is today, and where it might be going in the future.

June, 2017

Monday June 26, 2017

The July/August Ethical Outlook newsletter is now available. Check out the great events we have coming up during the summer!

Friday June 02, 2017
Through our Social Service Board (SSB), Ethical NYC operates a Women’s Shelter, offering a “home” for 6 to 8 guests, every Saturday through Thursday. All guests are previously screened at the Antonio Olivieri Drop-In Center.

May, 2017

Wednesday May 24, 2017

The June Ethical Outlook is now available. Check out the great events we have coming up during the month!

Saturday May 20, 2017

This year we will feature a keynote address by the dynamic Michael Nutter, former Mayor of Philadelphia and Professor at Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs, on "What is the role of public service in our polarized world?"

Wednesday May 17, 2017

Help Ethical raise money for AIDS research by sponsoring, spreading the word, and walking with us at the 2017 AIDS Walk! Sunday, May 21 at 10am.


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