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Leaders Anne Klaeysen and Joe Chuman reflect on the Connecticut Shooting

Dr. Anne Klaeysen

Why I'm Happy Mitt Romney Lost

For some of us, the presidential election brought a sigh of relief, not only because the candidate we supported won, but by a big margin as well.

To Life - "L'Chaim"


Leader’s Message – September 2012- Living in a Land of Inequality

“Sometimes I work 12 hours a day 5 or 6 days a week.  I have to do a little of everything, shampoo, vacuum, and car wash. Sometimes we only make $5 or $10 a day in tips.”

Economics and Occupy Wall Street


In Loving Memory of Barbara Levenson

Friends and Family met on Sunday to remember Barbara.


The Proliferation of Human Rights



In Loving Memory of Robert Collier 1931-2012

Advocacy Forum-Resurgence of Misogyny

On Tuesday May 29th we presented a panel on the Resurgence of Misogyny. 


Patrick and Tod Wedding !

                                                             The Cake!


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