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February Outlook Now Available

Our February 2019 Ethical Outlook newsletter is now available. Check out the great events we have coming up throughout the month!

In the United States, there are 100,000 individuals needing a healthy kidney. The shortage is especially disconcerting given that since organ transplantation became sound medical treatment, we have never had better technology—while so little occasion—to avail ourselves of it. In response to the crisis it has become increasingly popular to furnish compelling arguments for legalizing the sale of kidneys.

Leader Joe Chuman spoke with journalist and photographer Eric Etheridge about the new edition of his book Breach of Peace: Portraits of the 1961 Mississippi Freedom Riders, a photo-history of the 1961 Mississippi Freedom Riders. The book includes the mug shots of all 329 Riders arrested in Jackson that year, along with contemporary portraits and profiles of more than 90 Riders.

Register Now! Winter Writers' Workshops Begin January 15th & 17th

Tuesdays or Thursdays this winter, try your hand at personal non-fiction writing in a 9-week Joy of Personal Writing series of classes led by member Elaine Berman Gurney. Join a supportive group of writers--some just starting and others more experienced--to learn basic and advanced writing skills. Writers of all experience levels are welcome!

Leader Anne Klaeysen examines recent calls for criminal justice reform and their chances for success, as well as the role we can play to right past wrongs.

January Banner - Humanize Criminal Justice

Tragically, too many incarcerated people are treated inhumanely, and too many prisons are private enterprises profiting from increased populations. Racial profiling also results in a disproportionate percentage of prisoners of color. We support police anti-bias training and an ethical restorative justice approach that keeps families intact and returns people to caring communities.

"Ethics gets lived on the playground, in the classroom." Leader Anne Klaeysen at Romper

Romper examined religious belief and ethical education among parents and children, speaking to our own Leader Dr. Anne Klaeysen to get a Humanist perspective:

"For parents who do raise their children within a denomination,” [Klaeysen] told me, “it is important to raise children who are aware of those who practice their beliefs and values in other ways by visiting different worship spaces and learning about different religions."...Dr. Klaeysen challenges the idea that structured religion has a sole claim to the teaching of values. As Klaeysen says, "Ethics gets lived on the playground, in the classroom."

January Outlook Now Available

Our January 2019 Ethical Outlook newsletter is now available. Check out the great events we have coming up throughout the month!

Rabbi Pollack joined us to speak about the holiness of the encounter, political pilgrimage, and sacrifice through the lens of March on Harrisburg, a Pennsylvania pro-democracy group working to fight fascism with democracy.

CityViews: A Lot Divides New Yorkers. Christmas Should Not.

Leader Anne Klaeysen in CityLimits on sharing the Humanistic spirit of the season in our exceptionally diverse city:

As an Ethical Humanist and member of the American Ethical Union, all cultural faiths and traditions interest me. New York City offers many opportunities for learning about them. While the majority of New Yorkers identify as Christian, there are also many practicing Jews, Hindus and Muslims. Unity is the connecting tissue for all of these faiths’ holiday celebrations. And it’s something our country is in need of now.


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