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May, 2014

Thursday May 08, 2014
The prevailing Supreme Court decision in the Greece v. Galloway case, permitting prayer at legislative sessions, including municipal meetings, is another giant step toward the dismantling of the separation of church and state. 
Wednesday May 07, 2014
Dr. Joseph Chuman presented the Founder's Day Address  to Fieldston Graduates on May 2. We share it with you here.

April, 2014

Wednesday April 16, 2014

From the 350NYC April Newsletter:

On April 26th the Cowboy Indian Alliance of tribal leaders, farmers, and ranchers have invited our movement to join them at their tipi encampment on the National Mall for their closing argument against Keystone XL -- and NYC is stepping up to answer the call.

Monday April 07, 2014

On April 3rd, The New York Society for Ethical Culture (NYSEC) and affiliate United Social Services, Inc. honored David N. Dinkins, the 106th Mayor of New York, with the inaugural Dr. Phyllis Harrison-Ross Public Service Award.

Tuesday April 01, 2014

Here are some wonderful pictures from this great event. We hope to do many more speed deed events so stay posted! In case you missed it this was an intergenerational event that brought everyone together to dive into a "deed". The pictures tell the story. Join us next time!


March, 2014

Friday March 21, 2014

"Speaking of Ethics" has just been published. It is an anthology of 26 addresses given over the past 35 years, divided into four thematic sections: Ethics in Private life; Public Issues; Humanist Heroes and Interpretations of Ethical Culture.

Friday March 07, 2014

Last month we celebrated Black History Month. One of the participants in our Joy of Writing class submitted this essay to our Workshop Writers' Space. 

Monday March 03, 2014
Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona,  by vetoing a bill allowing a religious exemption to merchants to provide services that would violate their religious convictions, has restored a moment of sanity into a dangerous strategy orchestrated primarily with those opposed to gay rights, including gay marriage.

February, 2014

Tuesday February 25, 2014
Meet Dale McGowan, new National Director of Ethical Education , on Sunday, March 23, at 2 pm in Social Hall. 
Monday February 24, 2014

The Winter Issue of AEU's Dialogue is now available.


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